360-HEALTH is that Vertical of 360 Diagnostic & Health Services Pvt Ltd. which Provides One Window, Full Life-cycle Solution for Diagnostic & Blood Bank Services















As the market leader in the Lab-Healthcare consulting services, we provide our clients with a customized project mechanism to evaluate critical factors and set a solid foundation maximizing project potential. We conduct such studies on a PAN India basis.
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Demographic Market Analysis.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Market Demand.
  • Capability of Services.
  • Human Resources.
  • Financing
  • Return on Investment.


Designing of a healthcare facility to meet the end-user requirement needs full integration in the preliminary planning phase. 360-Health has been successful in creating numerous laboratory designs and diagnosing related issues and its impact on delivering the intended medical service and flexibility for future growth We ensure
  • The Design Process has a Team Structure; Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Design meets operational efficiency.
  • Design minimizes operational and clinical risk.
  • Equipment needs are integrated into Design.
We would ensure that the medical planning of the facility would achieve operational efficiencies and facilitate the obtainment of International/National Accreditation From conception design to detailed design, we will be your Medical Planning Consultant/Technical Advisor. We will lead the Functional Programming process, which aims to develop program space needs, and functional relationships. This program will address both short term and long term strategic planning initiatives of the healthcare facility. The leadership of the project will be planning and construction of labs/blood banks/hospitals, and a core team of experienced healthcare professionals will be assigned to work on the project.


Ensuring a Smooth Start-up 360-Health commissioning team will ensure all systems, equipment, staffing, policies/procedures, training, supplies, are in place to facilitate a safe, efficient and smooth start up. The commissioning team will monitor the start-up schedule; establish milestones, flag deficiencies, and record progress. Mission-critical items will be identified and the team will provide for early intervention and if necessary, shifting of resources, to all areas causing concern. The commissioning function will ensure that a seamless process is in place to provide for maximum communication and coordination during transfer from building the Lab/Blood Bank/Hospital to operating it. Risks will be minimized and gaps identified early to ensure all essential parts are in place and interconnected to each other.


Our Role
  • Policy Formulation – establish policies to provide guidance to those empowered with the responsibility to manage Lab/Blood Bank/Hospital operations
  • Decision Making – choose from alternatives which are consistent with Board policies and that advance the goals of the Lab/Blood Bank/Hospital
  • Oversight – monitor and assess organizational processes and outcome
Our Responsibilities
  • Defining Ends – identifying key stakeholders; establishing the vision, mission and core values; contributing to the development and approval of the strategic plan; ensuring that key goals are formulated in annual operating plans; monitoring performance against the strategic and operating plan; retaining overall accountability for our performance.
  • Providing for Excellent Management – select the Administrative Director and Medical Director/Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC); establish measurable annual performance expectations; delegate responsibility and authority to have accountability to the Board: appraise/assess performance annually; provide for succession and ensure that the Administrative Director and Medical Director/Chair of the MAC establish a succession plan for management, professional staff and allied health workers.
  • Ensuring Program Quality and Effectiveness – credential professional staff; ensure quality goals and performance indicators are developed for approval of the Board and monitor indicators of clinical outcomes and quality of service; ensure processes are in place for identifying, monitoring and managing risks.
  • Ensure Financial Viability – ensure that key financial objectives and indicators are developed, then monitor performance against these objectives; approve the annual operating plan; ensure optimal utilization of resources and operation of the organization within its resource envelope; ensure organization undertakes financial planning for effective resource allocation.


Accreditation represents a high value, marketing tool. It is expected that when accreditation is obtained, it will strengthen the public’s confidence in the services of the facility. This, however, is only one of the benefits of obtaining accreditation. A key value of accreditation is the process itself. Preparing for accreditation is a process that requires full process management of teams, and coordination between departments, and several dry run testing conducted prior to the actual survey itself 360-Health has succeeded in planning, preparing and achieving accreditation for both private and government Lab/Blood Bank/Hospitals


Whether it’s through Lean, Six-Sigma, or other process improvement tools
  • Clinical Transformation
           – “where strategy and culture meet”
  • Improving Patient Care Experiences
  • Workflow Management
  • Reducing Waste and Variation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Improving Supply Chain, Purchasing Power, and Logistics
  • Project Re-engineering
  • Infection Prevention
  • Technological Transformation
           – “where electronic systems enablers elevate patient care”
  • Healthcare Information Technology
           (EHR/EMR, CPOE, Clinical Decision Support, Lab/Blood Bank/Hospital Information Systems, IT Planning)
  • Healthcare Information Management
           (ICD 10, data collection, use, access, disclosure, and aggregate data usage)
  • Medical Innovation Initiatives


360-Health brings added value and strength to any projects with its own recruitment division. We ensure comprehensive credentialing, reference checking and thorough screening techniques are developed across many countries throughout the world. This minimizes the risk involved in identifying suitably qualified experienced healthcare professionals and ensures optimum return for the client/ Lab/Blood Bank/Hospital in terms of recruitment costs. We help implement 360 Life-cycle management of the HR (Employees) and use different tools, including HR software (HRMS) Training and Development
  • Knowledge transfer, skills, and abilities
  • Development of core competencies
  • Apprenticeship, internships, shadow programs
  • Curriculum development and implementation
  • Succession Planning

7.Business Development Strategy

One of the main areas of concern for our clients in the current healthcare business environment is “How to strategize Business Development”
  • We provide board room strategy to the early to mid-size diagnostic centres and blood banks.
  • May it be the go to market preparation or consolidation or sales pitching in the industry; our experts would make sure the toplines look healthier.
  • Local level competitor analysis and the sales promotion methodology based on such critical inputs comes from being the domain expert in this business.
  • Major focus is given to the proper training of the sales force and hand holding them during crucial scale up of their territory revenues.
  • Matching sales milestones to the sales forecast is done on a periodic basis and this helps to reduce month end pressures on the sales force.

8.Mergers & Acquisitions

Today is the day of consolidation in the diagnostic industry. Great value has been leveraged out of the recent IPO’s and hence the space is buzzing with M&A philosophy. Our team of experts could be consulted on matters unclear to most entrepreneurs and doctor businessmen:
  • What is Merger?
  • What is Acquisition & how is it different?
  • Is my company ready for such a step?
  • What is NDA?
  • What is Due Diligence?
  • How can I collate the data for my company to be presented to the potential investor/buyer?
  • What all data should be shared with the prospective investor/buyer?
  • How is the valuation done?
  • What are the factors I should keep in mind to attract best valuations?
  • Should I sell all my shares or keep some of the Equity with me?
  • What will happen to me as a professional, once my laboratory is taken over by a brand?
  • How can I make sure that I am not cheated during these transactions?

9.Build Operate Transfer of Labs/Blood Banks

We specialise in this field. May it be an owner looking forward to establishing new business in diagnostics or blood banks or a doctor looking for expanding his business in the next town, we are there to take care of the same from A to Z. A hospital also often needs to put in a quality lab or expand specialised services in other diagnostic fields. It saves huge cost to any such organisation.
  • You just need to sit in the comfort of your office and see things happen on ground each day.
  • Depending on when you wish to get back the control of the facility created by our expert team, you are free to draw the timelines.
  • We could build, operate & transfer from the stage the facility is just completed with a brand-new infrastructure and technology or till the business is established and the unit is break even or EBIDTA positive.

10.Lab Outsourcing

Many organisations wish to outsource their diagnostics to a third party. It could be due to the very high cost involved in the diagnostic equipment or the relative lack of technical knowledge in managing such a field. 360 HEALTH advises as well as takes up such projects routinely. For us, it is day to day business and we assure a great value and revenue share to the parent organisation. We are a domain expert in Hospital Lab Management (HLM) and turnover specialists for all other models. This way, each partner is at a great advantage. The new business created in a hub & spoke model is also shared with the owners and this is the key to such a relationship developing.

11.Public Private Partnership (PPP)

We provide exclusive knowledge and in-depth analysis of a good or bad PPP. Many questions need a timely answer:
  1. What is a tender?
  2. What is an Expression of Interest (EOI) document?
  3. How should I file my case with the Public partner/Govt.
  4. How should I decide L-1 rates?
  5. How should we calculate the logistic cost of operations?
  6. Will this model be ideal for a medium lab of my size?
  7. What all should be considered while signing a contract and can I get a legal help to scrutinise the contract?
At 360 HEALTH, we provide a complete solution to all your worries related to PPP.