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It is your Knowledge Partner & Consultancy Hub. Whenever you need an organisation to hand hold with you through your healthcare related needs, we are a one stop shop.

It is a division (vertical) of the 360 DHSPL which provides the consultancy for implementation of Quality Management System (QMS) in your organisation enabling you to apply for NABL &/or NABH.

360 Diagnostics is a specialized clinical laboratory where tests are carried out on medical samples to get information about a patient’s health for providing precise diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of certain diseases. It is where lab tests are conducted on clinical specimens (also known as a patient sample), such as blood or urine, and the results are analyzed.

Services are offered in the areas of Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology, Hematology, Histopathology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Diagnostics and Serology.

360 Diagnostics offers you the fastest way to book a health package test at home. Here are the simple steps to book a health package test: Visit www. 360healthservice.com -> Click on Book Now -> Choose your test->Fill your details in the ‘Fill Up Form’ section -> Enter (Phone,Name,City)
Or you may call our Customer Helpline 7669300052/7042922881 and book your test at home.

Yes, you may take a diagnostic test at home. A phlebotomist or a lab specialist will visit your home to collect your sample.

360 Diagnostics has different payment options available. You can easily pay through online banking, debit card/credit card, UPI, wallets and cash.

You may collect the test reports from any of our Centre referring your ID Number / registered mobile number. You may also receive on your registered mail id, which mentioned during registration and download the report. For further information on reports speak to our Customer Care Executive at 7669300052.



Health Education & Learning Protocols (HELP) is a division (vertical) of the 360 DHSPL which provides the training for implementation of Quality Management System (QMS) in your organisation, enabling your  employees to get trained on internal audit for NABL.

We are the No.1 company in private sector doing such large-scale training programs for healthcare professionals. So far, we have conducted more than 300+ training workshops across more than 80 cities in India and trained more than 10000+ professionals.

Our faculty and training experts are the best in the industry with an average experience of more than 20years per expert. They make a paradigm shift in the way the trainings are conducted and provide trainees with practical based teaching.

Yes. It is a recognised training from NABET for QMS & IA in 15189-2012 and you will get the certificate duly approved by NBQP after you successfully complete your training.

Accreditation No NBQP/LMS/1922 109 P

Quality management System and Internal Auditor training as per ISO 15189-2012 is a 4-Days training.

NABL is a certification and accreditation that indicates that a Medical Laboratory provides quality results based on NABL standards. It is a part of the Quality Council of India (QCI).

It is a must before you can be a part of a NABL lab quality set up. So, the earlier the better.

We provide trainings on:


  1. ISO 15189:2012 – 4 days
  2. NABH for hospitals – 3 days
  3. Phlebotomy – 1 day
  4. IQC & EQAS in labs – 1 day
  5. Six Sigma – 2 days


  1. Molecular Biology – 2 days
  2. Immunoflouresecene – 2 days
  3. Flow Cytometry
  4. Immunohistochemistry – 2 days
  5. New Born Screening- 2 days
  6. Genomics Interpretation – 2 days
  7. Cytogenetics – 2 days

Yes. We conduct training on Communication Skills in Healthcare-1 Day

On the home page itself, we have displayed the calendar for trainings. You can choose the city nearest to your place of work and the dates suited to your schedule.

Yes. We also conduct 100 Hours course on skill enhancement in Quality & Safety aspects in Phlebotomy, duly recognised by the Quality Council of India (QCI)

  • SO-15189-2012 Training
  • ISO 15189-2012 Update
  • NABH for Hospitals
  • NABH for Blood banks
  • QA and QC training
  • Quality and Safety in Phlebotomy

We are just a phone call away. Kindly call 9810059996 for any such needs. You can also write to us:


NABH is a certification and accreditation that indicates that a Hospital provides care based on NABH standards.

A holistic patient care is a critical need in a hospital and NABH guidelines help implement the global best standards to achieve this all-round care.

Moreover, based on IRDA mandate all Hospitals empanelled with Insurance are required to get NABH Entry Level certification before June 2018.


We are just a phone call away. Kindly call 9810059996 for any such needs. You can also write to us:


It may vary with the scope of work and size of your Lab/Hospital. However, average period before you can apply to the accreditation body is around 6-9 months

Yes. We have the best of faculty and advisory drawn from the industry. Our quality managers have in depth knowledge and will hand hold your organisation to implement quality as per the requirements.


We help in implementing quality protocols that will enable you to apply for accreditation. We neither influence nor promise the accreditation. However, in our experience if your internal audit is near perfection, it should not at all be difficult to get any accreditation.

Yes. It is prudent to engage a full-time quality manager. She will co-ordinate with the team of experts from 360 HEALTH and help implement protocols faster. It not only saves on time, it is a mandatory requirement of the accreditation process.

We have a resource pool of quality managers and Certified Professionals for Quality Implementation in Healthcare (CPQIH). We could recommend a resource from our pool to suit your requirement.

Quality implementation is an on-going process. It is not at all a one-time achievement. Constant improvement is mandated once you engage with us. We also have a tie up with a software company that can be engaged to fast track implementation of quality through their software and application tools.

It varies with the scope of work and the size of the Lab/Hospital.

For further information: Kindly call 9810059996 for any such needs. You can also write to us:




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